Smart Compass App

Download our mobile app! Designed to help caregivers. AgeSmart's SMART COMPASS is the perfect tool for caregivers. AgeSmart's SMART COMPASS provides tools and information, in the palm of your hand, for all of your caregiver needs. 

Most resources are available to those downloading and using the App. Creating a login account allows us to customize the resources specifically for your unique needs. See instructions below for creating an account that allows us to customize your resources.



Instructions for creating a login

Step 1
Step 2
Fill in the required information
Step 3
You will be asked to validate a code that is sent to your email address. Enter the code once you receive the email.
Step 4
Call or Email AgeSmart to connect with an AgeSmart Caregiver Specialist. They will help assess your needs and customize resources that best meet your needs.
Step 5
Within the app, navigate to the menu to login and enter your userid and password. You can then choose Resources from the App home page. The Resources will be customized for you by our Caregiver Specialists.